Vending Toys

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Looking to expand? Gumball Machine Warehouse offers the largest selections of Bulk Vending Refills and supplies for your vending machine needs. Fill up your Vending Machines with the hottest vending products, including Vending Toys, Vending Stickers, Tattoos and more ... All our vending toys offered are pre-capsuled for your convenience. Toys in capsules come in quantities of 250 and are either in 1" Capsules or 2" Capsules. Our 1" toys in capsules selection will vend from your current Gumball Dispensing Wheel-equipped machine. However, 2" capsules need a vending machine capable of dispensing 2" capsules like our Toy Vending Machines. Check out our selections of the toy capsules and keep those quarters rolling into your vending machines!

NOTE: Only Gumball Machine Warehouse provides a display card FREE with each order.