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Empty Plastic Vending Eggs (2000 Eggs) - Gumball Machine Warehouse
Empty Plastic Vending Eggs (2000 Eggs) - Gumball Machine Warehouse
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Empty Plastic Vending Eggs (2000 Eggs)


Empty Plastic Vending Eggs are perfect for an "Egg Laying Vending Machine", toy capsule vendor and prize machines. They come in six different colors, one color per case and require a long and short piece to complete the egg. Longs and shorts are available in the same or different colors depending on the look you want to achieve. They are sold in boxes of 2,000 with shorts and longs in separate cases. 

Approximate Empty Egg Dimension: 1.75" wide x 2.3/8" tall

About Our Empty Vending Eggs: Versatile and Universal.Gumball Machine Warehouse offers a wide selection of toy refill vending supplies for all your vending machine needs. Empty Vending Eggs give you the opportunity to fill your toy vending machine with items of your choice of what you want to vend. Please keep in mind when ordering either your machine or these empty toy capsules that the vending wheel should be compatible with the size of capsules you choose. Here at Gumball Machine Warehouse you can shop for empty vending capsules and eggs in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.