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Blots Berry Gumballs (1430 Count) - Gumball Machine Warehouse
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Blots Berry Gumballs (1430 Count)


Blots Berry Gumballs (.86" Gumballs / 1430 Count):
These colorful speckled berry flavored gumballs are a perfect treat for anyone with a quarter in their pocket. With multiple flavors available, your mouth can experience a wonderful wall of bursting berry flavors.

Colors / Flavors:
Pink Speckled / Raspberry
Red Speckled / Strawberry
Yellow Speckled / Cherry
Purple Speckled / Huckleberry
Blue Speckled / Blueberry

Each case comes with 1430 count of .86" gumballs.

About Our Gumballs: The prices on our bulk gumballs are guaranteed to be the lowest in the nation and each case of gumballs that leaves our warehouse is guaranteed to be fresh. Gumballs left over after you stock your Gumball Machines have a shelf-life of 12 months when stored in a cool dry place. Experience our 5 star service and taste the difference when you buy your gumballs from Gumball Machine Warehouse