Junior Carousel Gumball Machine with Gumballs-Accepts Any Coin

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Antique Gumball Machine
Home Use Gumball Machine
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12" Junior Carousel Gumball Machine with Gumballs is a smaller version of the 15" King Antique Carousel Gumball Machine and comes with an 18oz bag of Carousel Gumballs.. This small size of the Antique Gumball Machine is the perfect gift for home, office or kids? Nothing compares to an authentic Carousel Brand Gumball Machine. Our Junior Antique Carousel Machine is a great gumball machine and a unique birthday present for home, your employee or kids and is not intended for commercial vending use. Kids love to put a coin in to get gumball or candy, therefore this machine made to accept any coins that make it as a gumball machine bank that teaches them how to save money. You have the option to set this machine to "Free Spin" so it will dispense products without the need for a coin to be inserted. This 12" Junior Antique Carousel Machine only dispenses small 0.62" size gumballs and other small candies or nuts. It does not work with gumballs larger than 0.62".

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Product Features:

  • Glass Globe

  • All Metal Constructed, base, lid and coin mechanism

  • Accepts any coins (quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies)

  • Includes instructions how to set to "Free Spin", works without coins

  • Anti-spill gumball chute door cover

  • Dispenses small gumballs, candies, or nuts (gumballs size must be less than 0.62")

  • Machine comes fully assembled in a gift box

  • Comes in Classic Red Finish

  • Works as a gumball bank, retrieve coins when full

  • 18oz Bag of Assorted Carousel Gumballs.

Purchase Specifications:

  • Height: 12" Tall

  • Width: 8"

  • Material: Cast aluminum with glass globe

  • Color: Classic red finish


Ships within 24 - 48 hours.

Product Specifications Antique Gumball Machine
Packaging Home Use Gumball Machine

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