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p>Frequently Asked Questions
1. How much will my gumball machine make every month?

It going to basically come down to where the machine is placed. The more traffic your gumball machine faces, the better. The national average for any gumball machine in the vending business is 4 vends per selection per day. As with any average, your machine will do more or less which in fact will be the case.

2. If I want to buy a lot of machines to start a vending business, can I finance them?
We do not currently offer vending business loans. You will probably need to talk to a third party who can supply you with a credit loan. MBNA America offers a line of credit program which can supply you with cash up to $25,000, for more information refer to their site, www.mbna.com/loans/credit.html. Your local bank can offer you a similar service just as well, you might want to consider consulting with them as well.

3. Can you send me a catalog?

Since the launch of our online store, we do not print vending catalogues anymore. The product line is changing much faster than what would be feasible to support a decent catalogue useful to our customers. Feel free to print out any pages from our site or call us with any questions 866-648-6225

4. I have an antique gumball machine which takes the small kind of gumballs, do you carry those?

Of course, we have gumballs to refill any gumball machine that ever existed. You can find refills for your antique machine under our antique Machines section.

If you have any additional questions please contact us.