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Candy Blox Bulk Candy

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It's ok to play with your food!!! These bulk candies resemble the LEGO playing blocks and are a powder pressed candy that are delivered to you in a bulk case of approximately 1,650 pieces which equals out to be about 10Ibs of colorful fruit candy. They are perfect for an event, putting into your candy machines, or even for just a tasty treat.


Candy Blox come in 7 colors and flavors, please feel free check out the color/flavor chart below!


  • Red / Cherry
  • Yellow / Banana
  • Orange / Orange
  • Purple / Grape
  • Green / Lime
  • Blue / Raspberry
  • White / Pineapple

Since these Candies look like LEGOS, they come in several different shapes so you can build them into whatever you would like. These Shapes include. 


  • 2-pin
  • 4-pin
  • 6-pin
  • 8-pin

Produced by Concord, Candy Blox typically vend for 25 cents a hand full out of vendor's candy machines.