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Frog Flingers Vending Toys In 1 Inch Toy Capsules - Gumball Machine Warehouse
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Frog Flingers Vending Toys in 1 inch Toy Capsules


SUBSISTUTING FLYING FLINGERS (No Frogs were harmed in the making of this product, or description!) Fun is the only thing to be had once you pop the cap off of these Frog Flinger's toy capsule!

What does this product consist of?

250 Frog Flingers Vending Toys in 1" Vending Capsules

These Frog Flingers are pre capped into a 1" Vending Acorn Capsule and are easily vended out of our Rhino machines! The recommended vending price is 2 quarters for 1 Frog Flinger.