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Assembling a Rhino Classic Gumball Machine

by Bryan La Rue on November 01, 2018

Assembling a Rhino Classic Gumball Machine

Bryan La Rue

Bryan La Rue
Founder of VendingNation.


 If you’ve ever been in a situation where you have your Rhino Classic Gumball Machine completely torn apart and you have no idea how to put it back together? Well if so, don’t worry because this blog post and video is here to help!


1.    Put the all metal body back onto the base of the machine (Make sure to place it to where the chute and the base line up

2.    Place Chute door into its little slot

3.    Place candy chute protector over the chute (this prevents the quarters from going out of the chute)

4.    Slide coin mechanism into place (with the gears facing the machine, and the handle facing away from the machine

5.    Place hopper on top of the all metal body (with the three little lines lining up with coin mechanism, and hole over the chute)

6.    Put product wheel in (please refer to this blog post for instruction on each wheel: Candy: Gumball: Acorn:)

7.    Place bottom ring onto hopper

8.    Place globe onto bottom ring

9.    Place top ring onto globe

10.  Take a Philips head screwdriver and crew both side rods into place.

11.  Place lid onto machine

12.  Put lock into lock hole and lock your machine. (Push down and turn clockwise. Once the lock is snug, push down on lock and turn counter clockwise until the lock releases the key)

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