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  • Splat Jawbreakers

    Splat Jawbreakers

    1.0" Jawbreakers
    Case of 850 Jawbreakers
    Price: $66.99

    Out of stock

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Please browse below for our bulk vending candy selection. All small candy in bulk on this page vend from your bulk vending machine's small candy wheel. When you order a candy wheel with your vending machine, you can adjust the amount of candy per vend to maximize your profits. Vending less from expensive candy and vending more from the more economic ones is a sure way of controlling profit when vending bulk candy in your route. Our bulk candy vending wheels are yet another way Gumball Machine Warehouse helps ensure the dependability and profitability of your bulk vending business. Keep in mind that each bulk candy machine head has a capacity of about 15 lbs. Make the smart choice...make Gumball Machine Warehouse as you candy in bulk vending refills supplier.